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Yet Another Raw Mix Design program

Here is a toy raw mix design program. Any number of additional analyses can be added, as well as any number of m...

re Re: Microscopic Reading of Clinker

It takes  30 seconds with Google to get this book:

re drying and heating up program

ashkan84, Could, you provide us the reference to this paper? Is it a paper from ? Is it something...

re RSP: High Calcination degree

Silastman, Your short explanation is very clear, thank you for that. Thank you also for attaching your paper ...

re RSP: High Calcination degree

Silastman, Why don't you explain your point, instead of making wrong assumptions about my beliefs and about my ...

re RSP: High Calcination degree

Silastman, I can't understand that. Have you checked that the final state of the pressed raw mix is totally d...

re RSP: High Calcination degree

 Silastman, What do you mean by "laboratory condition"? And what do you mean by "decrease of energy con...

re Clinker LSF

Yes, this is theoretically possible. Here is how the kiln feed LSF can be higher than the clinker LSF: If t...

re Airlift

Some of the first results returned by Google:

Re: rawmix homo silo efficiency

I am not a specialist of blending silos. However, my guess would be that reducing the standard deviation by only 20%...