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calciner flame blowing out

Dear Sir, After the kiln shutdown we are experiencing a problem of calciner burners flames blowing out after th...

re How to handle hot spot at kiln burning zone

Slow down the kiln, try to coat the exposed lining if coating has fallen, install extra shell cooling fan if possi...

re High temp. of cyclone5

is the dip tube in good condition?

Preheater coating issue

Dear Sir, The problem has been solved after stopping the kiln gas bypass system. But the relation between build...

re Preheater coating issue

Surprisingly our buildup problem in this solved after stopping our kiln bypass system which was in operation earli...

Preheater coating issue

Dear Sir, Ours is an IHI designed 5 stage preheater kiln system of 2000 TPD capacity. Since last month we are e...

re Drop in Cyclone efficiency / Material return to bag house observed 20%

Check for the jamming of any top cyclone? inspect the top cyclones interiors.

re Factors affecting poor collection efficiency of preheater cyclones

Pl check the kiln feed residue, finer the material, lower the collection. Moreover check preheater outlet oxygen, ...

re counter measures to reduce bottom cyclone blockage

Go for additional blasters and pocking holes with proper and safe approach.

Limestone sieve analysis

Dear Sir,               We are having ball mill in our raw material grinding circuit. I would like to know the ...