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Re: LSF in clinker

Dear Mr Ted, My coal store had layout a coal pad depth on the floor and the distance from chain feeder to the surfa...

LSF in clinker

Dear Experts, Please explaine to me why we have got a phenomenon reducing of LSF in clinker during we have not chan...

Re: Heat balance excel sheet - detailed calculations

thank you very much. HongMinh.


Dear Experts, Please help me the formula to calculate of shimming thickness for the pads to reduces the migration o...

Cement books

Dir sirs, I am finding a copy of cement book written by Walter.H.Duda or Cement Operations Handbook. If anyone has,...

Re: Microscopic Reading of Clinker

please send to me also. My mail ID: hongminhscc@yahoo.com.vn Best regards, HongMinh.

Re: Preheater temperature.

Dear Mr Clark, We have to maintaining the coal finess from 3 to 4% for along time and shape flame never change beca...

Re: Preheater temperature.

Dear all, The reason we have to make LSF ratio of raw mix up to 100 are we want to produce LSF of clinker is 96 tha...

Preheater temperature.

Dear Experts, My factory is face to face with the phenomenon of preheater temperature increased, espescially in mea...


Dear Experts, What is the principle to compensate for ware ( or collapsed) of coating ( indicating of kiln shell te...