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Re: Mass Balance

Bingo ! O. Van Cantfor, That's the problem with this equation it doesn't account for practicality , Any how we don't...

Re: FLS Make Cement Simulator

Imn't sure of FLS simulator anywhere else in india, But a Similar one By Ramco systems is installed in NCB - Ballabg...

Re: Mass Balance

Well Thaks Ted Krapkat for Cracking nut!!

Re: FLS Make Cement Simulator

I Know one That's RTC at ACC Jamul Where there are Using This FLS Simulator

Re: Kiln Firing with Natural Gas

Hello Bhandari.K   Refer to section 8.07 , 9.07 and 13.13 Page 85,86 and 150 from Cement Manufacturers Handbook by...

Re: Kiln Hood Draft

I'll Try ! The Answer to this lies on the fact that how did make the change from -0.2 to -0.5 . Let me guess you ha...

Mass Balance

I was just wondering how important it is to a Cement machinery supplier that the Mass Balance is ?? Based on which t...

Re: Cooling of Cement

you can download the Powder Cooler broucher at following site it gives pretty good info

Heat balance excel sheet - detailed calculations

Sharing is caring: here is my contribution to cement engineers community.An excel sheet (MS excel 2003) that can ...

Re: preheater fan optimisation

I Can answer few of them  1Q relation between preheater fan power variation with prehaeter draft increase/decrease?...