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Re: SO3

Installing the SO3 bypass is the last thing that you will do. But yes, this is good to limit the SO3 recirculation b...

Re: Clinker granulometry during petcoke.

About the high clinker temperature: With the petcoke, aside from clinker becoming smaller, the kiln condition would...

Re: Process Buildup

I agree that sulphur is harder. But the bottom line is the location of the build-up. No matter wether it is soft or ...

Re: preheater fan optimisation

1. If you increase the draft in the preheater the fan power will increase because they are directly proportional. 2...

Re: high free lime

If you have not changed anything on your raw materials and fuels, then it sounds to me that it comes from the proces...

Re: coal bag filter dp

For me, I would rather do more investigation on the bag filter itself. I am referring to the actual gas volume, can ...