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TimePosted 20/09/2009 19:26:03
bazarah says

high free lime

 Hey Friends;

How do you know the kiln feed is hard to burn? If free lime high in clinker

 it may be caused operation process not quality? Our kiln by pass system

 Target kiln feed:                  


 LSF: (96 -98.5) %              

 SM:  (1.95 – 2.15)            

 AM:  (1.2 -1.4 )                     

 Residue: 90 u  : (6 -8 ) %

                 200 u : (0.5 – 1.0 ) %


 C3S : (52.0 – 55.0) only!

free lime:(1.90 – 2.30) high         

 liter weight :1120- 1230

If you have any experience or idea to improve this problem,

we are highly appreciated to receive your sharing.

Thanks in advance

Best regards



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Raj Sahu
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TimePosted 21/09/2009 03:57:54
Raj Sahu says

Re: high free lime

Complete mineralogical and microstructural evaluation study of limestone needed to know the root cause of hard burning nature of limestone.Use of suitable mineralizer will improve reaction kinetics and may reduce free lime content.


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Re: high free lime


the  modulii LSF in accepted limit also AM 

SM is below the recommended limit that mean that the material will be easy to burn 

the sieve 200 is look good : less than 2.2 %


u have to investigate  3  more things ;

1- quartz XRD rietveld of residue 63µ

2- quartz XRD rietveld of residue 40µ

3- burnability test for a sample of kiln feed 

 and what about the type of fuel ? is it coal ?


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TimePosted 21/09/2009 13:33:24
bazarah says

Re: high free lime

Dear sir

I am very much thank full to you for quick response

These problems happen after kiln stoppage then running but we can not increase

 feed more to avoid high free lime, our feed materials are same area crushed.

Normal operation: kiln feed ( 215- 227)t/h with free lime ( 1.60 – 1.80)

Now : kiln feed ( 200- 204)t/h with free lime ( 1.90 – 2.20)


the type of fuel is crude oil if you have procedure for burn ability test can you

 send to me  my email