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Pl check your pet coke HGI &VM   

Chimney height for coal mill

 Dear expert,             I want to increase height of coal mill chimney for optimisation of coal mill fan powe...

re Energy consumption - cooler technology

Yes,       Sp. heat consumption in kiln section  depending upon cooler thermal effeciency and sp. air Nm3/ kg o...

Tyre dust handling

 Dear sir,             I want use of tyre dust  ( waste of tyre after gasification for petrolem product).   ...

Handling of burning coal in coal stock pile

How we can used burning coal  in cement plant.

re operation interlocks required

Dear friend     1.   Excess flow of gas due to kiln  process parameter may effect flow of gas through the gas c...

re VRM output

Dear            Have change operating data like grinding press, sp. air flow vs mill DP.set point with changing...

re duda cement book

Dear sir,         pl .send me soft copy of duda cement book          Thanking you.          GKSHARMA  ...

re How to grind pet coke in vertical roller mill designed for normal coal

Dear           There is no problem to grind  pet coke in LM . If you send me your operating data and design dat...

re roler press screwing problem

Dear       If rollpress running on higer skew more than 2 % of roller widh. there may be caused  brg. damage. b...