Amir Feroze
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TimePosted 12/10/2006 06:24:49

Atox Raw Mill Rollers Seal Damaging?

We are facing frequent problem of Atox raw mill Rollers seal damaging, what are the possible reasons.


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TimePosted 21/10/2006 12:49:20
SIMEQ says

Re: Atox Raw Mill Rollers Seal Damaging?

Assuming your lubrication system is working as it should, you could consider the temperature used while heating up the mill. I think the maximum allowed heating temperature is stated in the mill manual.


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TimePosted 28/11/2006 05:49:00
Madsniggy says

Re: Atox Raw Mill Rollers Seal Damaging?



We too have two ATOX-50 RAW MILLS.

We are also facing the problem. But as far as our

experience says this can be due to if lubricaation is not sufficent,

and if the sealing pressure not as per the requirement the roller

seals can get damaged. Even though if mill inlet

temperature is high and if proper lubrication is maintained this

problem could be avoided.



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TimePosted 04/05/2007 09:59:45
shiggavi says

Re: Atox Raw Mill Rollers Seal Damaging?

Dear Amir,

I tihnk you are putting in lot of oil inside the roller which is creating pressure resulting into seal damage. what i feel is you can adjust the start/stop of the feeding pump to the roller in roller lub unit.