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TimePosted 14/02/2007 10:39:48
Biju says


What are the  Advantages/ disadvantages  of Circular / longitudinal stock piles.

 How to calculate blending effect  in Stockpiles. Which parameter to be considered for Limestone, Coal etc...


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Michael Clark
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TimePosted 22/02/2007 14:11:31

Re: Stockpiles

The advantages/disadvantages of circular/longitudinal blending beds are associated with the space available to install the blending bed. When space is tight then a circular bed takes up less space. However, I suspect circular beds are more expensive. The simplest blending effect is just the standard deviation onto the pile divided by the standard deviation of material reclaimed from the pile. For limestone the criteria might be CaO (or CaCO3), SiO2, MgO dependent on which was critical. For coal ash content would probably be best.


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TimePosted 30/04/2011 12:50:28
B.P.Jain says

Re: Stockpiles

In a longitudenal stockpile it is not possible to have a continous pile and material at the ends tends of a different composition as fine and coarse material tend to get separated and coarse particles rolls on the ends.

    This problem can be there in circular stock pile also if seprate piles are formed.

    Also circular stock piles can not be of high capacity.

              B.P. Jain.