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TimePosted 04/05/2007 18:43:44
Madsniggy says

Raw Meal Residue.


Every One.

I have one question what should be the kiln feed residue for a kiln. The theory says it all depends on burnability but I have seen plants operating as high as 43%on 90 microns sieve.  Does this much high residue gives good nodulation, becuase every one tries to decrease their raw meal residue when ever the kiln is not operating in good condition. Is there any specific residue should be maintained in raw meal before entering in kiln. Please clarify

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Michael Clark
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TimePosted 11/05/2007 09:00:43

Re: Raw Meal Residue.

Dear MadSniggy,

The short answer is no. The optimum kiln feed residue depends on the mineralogy of the kiln feed. With a marl raw material of composition close to "cement rock" you might be OK with a 43% residue on a 90 micron sieve. But that would be very unusual. The more heterogenous the kiln feed and the higher the quartz content then the finer will the kiln feed need to be. So, no, there is no "golden rule" it depends on the raw materials you are using to make the kiln feed.

Dr Michael Clark