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TimePosted 28/08/2007 07:22:27
jatin says

Maximum kiln potential

Dear Clark,

Just wanted to share your valuable experience, what can be maximum possible thermal and volumetric load for any kiln? for example FLS kilns.

We have a kiln of 5.25 dia and 82 meters long. capacity is 7500 TPD with double string. just wanted to know the maximum prod. this kiln can handle.


Can anybody share some spreadsheet to calculate the maximum kiln output.


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Saddam Hu
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TimePosted 24/01/2008 14:14:19
Saddam Hu says

Re: Maximum kiln potential

According to my formula I have got your maximum as of  7 492.668 t/d

Try a bit more. Some 100 t/d is easy with good process engineer.


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TimePosted 06/06/2008 18:14:48
Bashar says

Re: Maximum kiln potential


Hi Clark,                                                                                                               

      The max. specific thermal load for a kiln is 5.8x10^6 Kcal/m^2/h. Most kiln however stay within the safe range of 3.5 to 5 million kcal per sq. metre per hour.In order to asses your kiln we will to know your specific energy consumption and how much of it is through the kiln and how much is through the pre calciner.

As for the volumetric loading for an ILC system it ranges between  100-130kg/m^3/hr