sameh fareed
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TimePosted 01/09/2007 10:15:50

kiln speed

We made modification at kiln hood ,we enlarge it to douple of its original volume ,since that time the kiln is running by 85% of its capacity kiln speed 1/2 of its normal speed (if we increase the speed the kiln become upset).

specification of kiln:

1- Polysious 4- stage with in line precalciner,Teriary air duct(no dampers inside) and bypass system (50%)

2-kiln length 85 M, diameter 5 M.

Can any body tell me what to do ,taking in consideration we will install two dampers for teriary air duct at next shutdown.




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Saddam Hu
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TimePosted 18/01/2008 21:30:45
Saddam Hu says

Re: kiln speed

Dampers in tertiary air duct is not reliable thing. Conditions are too hard. What is the air velocity in the cooler shaft? Why did you increased kiln hood?