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TimePosted 12/08/2008 00:24:43

coating problem

Dear All

 we have a problem in our kiln coat , the problem represent in that the coat thikness exceed 50 cm ( about 60 to 70 cm ) and this consederd in process as ring

 so , when i search for the coating tendency formula i found 2 formulas

AW = C3A+C4AF+0.2C2S

AW = C3A+C4AF+0.2C2S+2Fe2O3

 our parameters are

LSF 96      SM 2.35     AM 1.6  in kiln feed

SM 2.42        AM 1.6 in clinker

 liquid phase at 1400 is 27.37  and  at 1450 is 27.77

 my question : is any body can tell me which AW equation i can use

and is any body has an openion in this situation as i mentioned


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Michael Clark
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TimePosted 15/08/2008 08:21:52

Re: coating problem

I would use the first coating formula equation. There is nothing unusual about your kiln feed or clinker chemistry and therefore the thick coating is unlikely to be function of the major oxides in the mix. I do not think the coating formula will tell you anything. More important is the position in the kiln of the ring.


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TimePosted 15/08/2008 09:12:50

Re: coating problem

our thik coat found in the burning zone and ther is a middle ring in the end of  transition zone



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TimePosted 18/08/2008 11:41:31
Abdulla says

Re: coating problem

Dear mr. electron,

We are facing this problem in our new kiln and usually we are solving this problem if the kiln nis stable by:

1. Increasing the percentage of LSF and the value of SM ( to acceptable limits).

2. Increasing the speed of the kiln (if possible)

3. Stopping any shell cooling fans at affected area (with thick coating no need to the cooling fans).