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TimePosted 26/08/2008 02:05:58
Abdulla says

Calciner types

In general (cement books) the definitions of Inline calciner ,Offline calciner & Separate line calciner are:

In-Line Calciners are installed in the kiln exhaust gas flow which means that the combustion takes place in an air/kiln gas mix. This precalciner can be considered an enlarged kiln riser duct.

Off-Line Calciners are installed off the kiln exhaust gas flow. The combustion takes place in pure (tertiary) air which is also responsible for lifting up the meal.

Separate Line Calciners are off-line calciners with a separate preheater string.

But in FLSmith


There is only Two type Inline and Separate line calciners (no Offline calciners) and the definition of Inline in FLS equal the general definition of Offline ... what i mean there is a big difference in the definition. Can any one explain to me why?



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Michael Clark
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Re: Calciner types

These are not strictly definitions. They are terms used by different equipment suppliers.

The FLS in-line calciner (ILC) is exactly as your definition. The calciner is placed in the riser duct from kiln inlet to bottom stage cyclone and combustion takes place in a mixture of kiln exhaust gas and tertiary air.

The FLS separate line calciner – downdraft (SLC-D) is your off-line calciner.

The FLS separate line calciner (SLC) is your separate line calciner.