matt  dwerson
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TimePosted 09/09/2008 05:38:53

tetriaty air temp. doesnt increase

two rotary kilns, Kiln-1  is with calciner system and Kiln-2 doesnt have..

kiln 1 has capacity of 230 tph raw meal, and kiln 2 has 130 tph feeding

my question is, even if i have 125 tph of feeding in kiln-2, with the same raw meal i can feed in kiln 1 only 205tpd these days, and the tertiary air temp is about 780-800 C, while it s about 950 C,  when 225tph.. 

in kiln-1, the tertiary air temp doesnt increase.. and there is too much CO..  what can i do for that problem?

i tried changing axial and swirl airs, changing cooler fan airs, changing primer air fan, changing the position of burner...

any suggestions please..

thank you.. matt


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Michael Clark
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TimePosted 09/09/2008 16:29:43

Re: tetriaty air temp. doesnt increase

Have you tried slowing the cooler grate speed so that the clinker is held in the cooler for longer? What is the root cause of the lower feed rate to kiln 2?


Raj Sahu
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TimePosted 16/09/2008 05:54:41
Raj Sahu says

Re: tetriaty air temp. doesnt increase

The ideal conditions for optimum heat transfer in clinker grate cooler are as given under:

1.Adequate clinker bed height above the recuperation zone grate area.

2.Cooling air distribution evenly across grate.

3.Homogeneous clinker layer without segregation.

4.Continuous horizontal movement from kiln inlet to outlet.

5.No mixing of clinker between horizontal and vertical direction.

6.No mixing of air stream after passage of clinker bed.

If Tertiary air temperature could not increased by creating above mentioned conditions, than you may install proven IKN designed KIDS system to improve your kiln TA  temperature.