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TimePosted 30/09/2008 16:38:16
fac09 says

Water Spray in front of Finish Mill

We have moved our finish mill water spray from the second compartment to the front of the mill. Since then the mill has been really unstable with sudden loadings and unloading on the first and second compartments. We just accomplished a stable water flow but the 1st and 2nd compartment instability (based on vibration) keeps occurring.

Can't find an answer or reasonable explanation on why this is happening. Clinker temperatures are normal, mill sweep flow is normal, water flow is stable, control logics are within parameters. I assume water is acting more like a grinding aid instead of a cooling media, how to get by with this?

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Raj Sahu
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TimePosted 04/10/2008 07:33:52
Raj Sahu says

Re: Water Spray in front of Finish Mill

It is suggested to do water spray in mill IInd compartment first.If desired cement outlet temperature is not controlled by  the water spray  in IInd compartment then start water spray in Ist compartment.