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TimePosted 15/10/2008 13:34:11
lalbatros says

fuel databases, raw material databases, ...


From time to time I am desperate about finding reliable or understandable or documented data about fuels and raw materials. I google then for a few hours and get a few data. For example, I recently discovered  that is rather interresting but far from totally satisfactory, for fuels. For raw materials, it is even more difficult.

Therefore my obvious question for today:

where can you find some useful data on fuels and raw materials ?
what are your best references ?

Thnaks a lot.


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Michael Clark
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TimePosted 16/10/2008 19:53:48

Re: fuel databases, raw material databases, ...

I don’t know of any single source for such information. It can be a case of googling. I think the Cement Plant Operations Handbook is as good a source of information as there is.


Dr Michael Clark