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TimePosted 21/10/2008 13:08:13

Kiln Ring

 We are facing the problem of a kiln ring at the 10-12m mark (from kiln outlet) There has been no significant raw meal chemistry change: CaO 42.5% Fe2O3 2% Al2O3 3% SiO2 13.7%. When the ring forms, we clear it by substituting the corrective material with 100% pitsand~80% silica. However this compromises clinker quality and the ring resurfaces after a couple of days running. We cannot produce high quality clinker with C3S above 50% without suffering this phenomenon. What could be the primary cause and remedial action? Thank you and best regards


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Michael Clark
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TimePosted 21/10/2008 17:55:30

Re: Kiln Ring

There could be many reasons Naison. They will be connected with the feed or fuel composition or the physical and chemical processes taking place at different positions in the kiln. It is impossible to define the cauise or the solution without a technical audit of the process.

Dr Michael Clark


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TimePosted 31/10/2008 10:34:34
Bilal says

Re: Kiln Ring

Dear ncchirwa

the problem of ring formation is common, but can be a multipul parameter problem in nature. So, the best way to solve this problem is "process of parameter elimination".Not only kiln feed chemistry is responsible, fule can also be, etc.

     So, take one(eliminate one possible parameter) at one time and observe the changes. very soon you will be solving this problem. for more information i need your kiln design parameters, burner type, full kiln feed chemistry, fuel chemistry etc.