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TimePosted 11/01/2009 17:30:47

Re: Coating formation in Kiln Inlet

It can be very misleading to give advice without knowing all the operating data and details over a longer period.

However the high sulphur content over 24 hour period (short term) suggests it is not caused by raw meal/fuel chemistry but by insufficient combustion i.e. reducing atmosphare.

Such condition can occure when you get insufficient combustion air e.g. because of heavy build ups in the kiln inlet or kiln ring formation braking of and increase pressure drop at kiln inlet or ball formation.

Just a few of possible causes. To investigate the situation properly the frequency of such occurances should be monitored as well as all process/operation relevant data before-during- and after such occurences.

Generally first try to avoid such condition and if this fails install a bypass system.

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TimePosted 23/10/2014 06:19:10

re Re: Coating formation in Kiln Inlet


 can anyone explain me what is the value of 112.5 and 125 in the formula for finding the percentage of grinding media inside the mill i e h/d*125-112.5