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TimePosted 29/10/2008 11:13:38
Nael says

Volatility & Volatilization

Can anyone help me in undestanding the different between Volatility and Volatilization of component? how it can help us in the process?

Best regard


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Michael Clark
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TimePosted 30/10/2008 08:50:06

Re: Volatility & Volatilization

Hi Nael,

The volatility is the tendency to volatilise in the process. Volatilisation is the process of volatilising. At the temperatures in the cement kiln different species have a different tendency to volatilise, i.e. evaporate or sublime into the gaseous state. In the cooler zones of the kiln these species can the recondense from the gaseous phase. In this way cycles can build up in the process. These cycles can lead to process problems such as build-ups and blockages, therefore control of the cycles is important. Understanding the volatility of different species is important to control the cycles within the cement kiln.


 Dr Michael Clark