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TimePosted 31/10/2008 20:35:01
David says


hey to all;

We are facing high shell temperatures in two areas in our kiln shell, i want to change the postition of the burner pipe by pushing it in or taking it out but the problem is that i dont know the length of the flame inside the kiln. what i mean because i dont know the length of the flame i am not sure if i push the burner pipe in the flame will be close to the high temperature area or not. How i can know the length of the flame inside the kiln? i need to know it to know shall i push or take the burner. ANY HELP PLEASE \



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Michael Clark
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TimePosted 03/11/2008 08:58:57

Re: Flame

You can only know the length of the flame in the kiln from the shell temperature profile. However, that is only an indication because the different refractory materials at different zones have different conductivity. There is then the considerations of different levels of coating on the refractory. It can be dangerous to push the burner in, or pull the burner out. It may make the situation worse or create other problems.


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TimePosted 11/11/2008 04:14:45
kesavaraj says

Re: Flame

You need to definitely consult experts of plant service maintenance .

Infact they charge for Inspection.Since the issue is with the kilntemperature ,you need to be more careful.

Since improper temperature profiles can cause kin to bulge and crack sometimes.

 Take care



STEAG Powitec - Albrecht Keiser
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TimePosted 10/11/2009 08:47:19

Re: Flame

You can indicate the flame length (and plum length) by using a thermographic camera beside the burner at the kiln head and you can measure the plum length and part of the flame by the new side thermography, beeing installed in the kiln head side.

If you are interested in more information, send me an email and I will send you an article about this new method of increasing quality and secondary fuel usage. Or download it from http://www.powitec.de/Downloads/Cement/Powitec_WorldCement_2009_06_High-tech_Thermography_side_view.pdf

You might want to read http://www.powitec.de/Downloads/Cement/Powitec_WorldCement_2007_12_Intelligent_Thermography.pdf first to understand the second article better.