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TimePosted 11/11/2008 09:39:50
Nael says

Pressure drop


What i know is that pressure drop in the preheater should not be more than 40 mbar (from top to down) and the pressure drop between each two cyclone is 7-10 mbar, am i right? If i am what will happen if for example the pressure drop between 2 cyclone (2 &3) is 8 mbar while the pressure drop between cyclone (3&4) is 18 mbar? 

Our 5 stages preheater (offline calciner type) pressure drops are:

Cyc-1: -77 mbar

Cyc-2: -55 mbar ( press. drop= 22 mbar)

Cyc-3: -45 mbar ( press.drop= 10 mbar)

Cyc-4: -34 mbar (press.drop= 11 mbar)

Cyc-5: -20 mbar ( press. drop= 14 mbar)

are these drops are satisfactory??


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Raj Sahu
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TimePosted 11/11/2008 10:58:41
Raj Sahu says

Re: Pressure drop

The desired pressure drop for 5 stage preheater are as given under

1.Pressure drop across preheater in PC kiln with LP cyclones=450-550mmwg

2.Pressure drop across each cyclone  in PC kiln with LP cyclones=50mmwg

3.Pressure drop across preheater in PC kiln with HP cyclones=550-650mmwg

4.Pressure drop across each cyclone in PC kiln with HP cyclones=75mmwg


[1mbar=10.2mmwg ]

With kind regards,




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TimePosted 13/11/2008 18:48:20
Saprina says

Re: Pressure drop


What is the meaning of LP cyclone & HP cyclone? If these are types of cyclones; is there any other types of cyclone?




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TimePosted 13/11/2008 19:15:01
vinayak says

Re: Pressure drop


LP Cyclone - Low pressure drop cyclone

HP- High prssure drop or conventional cyclones.

In LP cyclones, the inlet and outlet area are more and hence the velocity is less and thereby pressure drop is less ( as Pr drop is directly proportional to the square the velocity)  . Moreover, the height of the LP cyclone is more than conventional cyclones