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Shell thickness


Our kiln is in operational since 12 years. It is a 64m long & 4.15m dia FLS kiln with nominal capacity of 3 000 tpd.The kiln was upgraded about 1 year ago and now producing about 3800 tpd. Recenet measure of kiln shell thicness in Security zone (32 - 40 m) shows a value of about 16 mm against original thickness of 25 mm in this part of the kiln. However, there is no incident of deformation or refractory fall ever occured here.

Should we replace the shell in this portion immediately or we can take some more life from it? In case of replacement, should we go for 25 mm thickness or it needs to be increased due to increased thermal load after upgradation? Do we need to change the composition of kiln shell to take better life after replacement and would you please propose some better material?


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Reddy RR
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TimePosted 17/11/2008 08:04:56
Reddy RR says

Re: Shell thickness

Dear Cement man,

The kiln shell is definatley due for replacement. It has worn out considerably. The brick lining life definately a good indicator for deciding on replacement of kiln shell. But, considering the time taken for procurement and installation of kiln shell it is always necessary to plan it early.

About increasing the kiln shell thickness from the existing size it is better to contact the OEM (in your case FLS) before taking the decision. You can ask FLS for a Comprehensive Mechanical Kiln Inspection where in they will check the bending stresses in the kiln shell, bearing utilisation and full mechanical condition of your kiln.

 Best regards

 R Reddy


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TimePosted 09/12/2008 13:00:25
guddu says

Re: Shell thickness

Dear Cement man

Can we help you in concern for upgradation in Kiln



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TimePosted 10/12/2008 10:54:04
kesavaraj says

Re: Shell thickness

Dear Cement man ,

In case of such problems ,better contact your kiln supplier and ask for an inspection and plan your replacement as early as possible to avoid any critical circumstances in operation .

Do forward your queries to FLSmidth .Else give your plant details .Let me contact you .