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TimePosted 28/08/2009 07:51:23

Re: bull nose cooling fans

Yes.You can follow FLS recommendattions.Now a days many plants are doing like they recommend to cool Bullnose


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TimePosted 28/08/2009 08:12:18
Vikpro says

Re: bull nose cooling fans


As per my experience the life of bull nose refractories depend on ....

- Frequent fall of nose coating.

- No coating formation on nose ring due to clinker composition ( liquid formation )

- Cooler secondary air temp

- deformed kiln shell at discharge

- Flame shape

- Burning zone length 



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TimePosted 11/06/2010 15:02:41
thhafke says

Re: bull nose cooling fans

Most bull-noses this time are built with castable and based on a high SiC or Zir contened, to avoid alkalie or chloride infiltrations. You get higher thermal load on anchoring system and cooler construction.

In this case a cooling of the back protects your construction and the anchors don't get this high thermal load. A 310s steel-anchor or a a c-clip for a ceramic anchor gets silly above 900`C. If you secondary temperature is high and you used a castable with SiC or Zir, my recommandation is a cooling system. We have good experinces at several plants with it. The lifetime will increase.