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TimePosted 13/02/2009 05:05:49
Giovanni says

Raw meal storage in new homo silo

Hello everybody.

We have a brand new homo silo full up of raw meal, the kiln start up is on delay so we need to keep the meal in the silo for more than one month.

As per your experience, What kind of problems could be faced after such long period of storage?

Fluidization and recirculation are benefical or can cause more detriment of the moisture?

Does the moisture of the fresh concrete affects the meal?


Thanks for your comments



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TimePosted 13/02/2009 13:12:25
BK says

Re: Raw meal storage in new homo silo

Hello Giovanni

whenever if we are making fluidization and Recirculation there is chance to increase the Moisture content in the meal for a long time.

Now what is the Raw meal temp. in the silo. if it temp. below the 48 oC will get Extraction problem.


my best suggestion is that you dont make Fluidization and Recirculation, if you want make Homeginization of raw meal in the silo before you are taking feed into kiln (one week before )

best regards