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TimePosted 13/02/2009 05:54:55
BK says

m3/hr to Nm3/hr.

Dear all ,


I having some doubt in calculating the Gas flow from m3/hour  to  Nm3/hour

so please any body give full details and formula.


my plant site elevation is : 875 m at ASL corresponding pressure: 9258 mmwg



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TimePosted 22/02/2009 00:50:17

Re: m3/hr to Nm3/hr.

Vact = Vnorm * (1013/p act)*((T+273)/273)

Vact = actual gas volume [m³/s]

Vnorm = gas volum at norm conditions [Nm³/s]

p act = pressure measured + p ambient [mbar]

T = temperature measured °C

p ambient = 1013*(1- height plant/44300)^5,25

p ambient in [mbar]

I hope it helps

height plant in [ m ]


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TimePosted 23/02/2009 18:24:46
BK says

Re: m3/hr to Nm3/hr.

Hellow Friend i am not accept your solution. Here i am giving correct solution for to convert  m3 to Nm3.

Fan Flow in Nm3/hr. = Fan flow(m3/sec)*((273/((273+t)*10333))*(b+Ps)


t=measuring temp.(oC)

b= Barometric pressure (mmwg)

Ps=Static pressure (mmwg)


I hope this is very usefull for all.