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TimePosted 25/04/2009 18:25:48
kib_bk says

Design a new cement plant

I would like to ask you, experts some questions about designing a new cement plant.

1: We are going to invest a new cement plant and we are looking for the best place/location to construct the plant. So I would like to know which main factors to decide where can we construct a new cement plant? 

2: We are considering two options to select the location of the plant.

- The plant will be built near the quarry but too far from the shipping port (about 60km)

- The plant will be built near the sea port but too far from the quarry (about 60km)

Could you give me your advice, which option will you select? 

3. If anyone have location analysing sheet, or transport calculation sheet in order to compare some options, please send it to me. Many thank in advance and I hope we can coorporate in the future.

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Thanks and best regards. 


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Michael Clark
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TimePosted 27/04/2009 11:51:38

Re: Design a new cement plant

Normal practice is to locate the cement plant close to the limestone quarry. This is because 44% of the calcium carbonate, CaCO3, in the limestone will be lost as CO2 in the exhaust gases from the kiln. It is therefore a waste of energy and cost to transport that embodied CO2 a long distance to the cement plant. Of course, there can be other considerations. Perhaps the limestone crusher can be located at the quarry and a conveyor belt installed to transport the crushed limestone to the cement plant near the port. That could be an equally good solution.