Cement man
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TimePosted 30/04/2009 15:16:55

Cyclone-4 Feeding Duct


Our kiln is 4000tpd with pc and 5 stages preheater, before 2 years hard coating start forming in cyclone-4 feeding duct (horizontal duct connected with the cyclone) which cause sliding of the materials inside the cycloe from time to time ( 2 or 3 times per shift) and disturbing the kiln condition, once our preheater block dueto this reason. Now adays we are opening cyclone-4 in each stoppage and removing the coating but this action need wait till cooling and making scaffolding to reach to that area which is lost of time.  My question is what is the reason of this coating in the duct and how should we do to (at least) reduce the quantity of this coating?



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Michael Clark
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TimePosted 01/05/2009 08:54:11

Re: Cyclone-4 Feeding Duct

The normal approach would be to install air cannons to periodically dislodge the coating.


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TimePosted 19/05/2009 16:49:54
Davo says

Re: Cyclone-4 Feeding Duct

Hi Cement man

As I understand writing cyclone-4 you mean cyclone in the lower stages. The place is nearly in condensation zone of alkalies/sulphates or clorides. So maybe your raw meal's chemical composition has changed two years ago and alkalies/sulphates or chlorides are much now. You can take this into consideration. You can also regulate ASR (Alkali-Sulphate Ratio, its also can help you to minimize circulation of alkalies or sulphates and partly reduce the quantity of such coatings.

Mechanically you can remove the coatings by many types of air-cannons, air blasters etc.

You can find many articles about the topic and devices in Cement Review, World Cement magazines etc.

Davit Babayan