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TimePosted 03/10/2009 08:30:31
vinayak says

Re: coal bag filter dp


I hope you would be maintaining a residue of around 5 % in 170 meash ( 90 micron). Try to identify which is the major source of DP i.e whether the cylcone or the bag house

If it is from the cylcone you may increase the cyclone inlet area by about 40%

For baghouse, the bags are not really getting cleaned. For that you can further increase the mill outlet temperature by about 3 to 5 degc. Have a watych on the co content in the fine coal bin.

Discuss with th bag supplier. He may offer a improved bags with coating repellant property, may be with teflon coating etc..( get  a trial qty of 20 bags)

Keep the purging on when the fan and mill is stopped so that cleaning will be done offline and it will be effective also

Or increase the fan capacity by tipping if margin is available in the motor power





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TimePosted 14/10/2009 16:17:27
Jojo says

Re: coal bag filter dp

For me, I would rather do more investigation on the bag filter itself. I am referring to the actual gas volume, can velocity, A/F ratio, actual dust load, pulsing sequence (should be alternate), dew point temperature, false air in the system. Then compare it to the design values and or to the benchmark numbers.

You can also get a bag sample and send to the supplier for further investigation (like permeability, strength, etc.). They will also analyze the dust or build up on the bags if there are any to know what cause it to stick to the bags. I experience that we had a hygroscopic sulfur in our dust that tends to absorb moisture and sticks to the bags easily and forms build up. This is very hard to clean or it cannot be cleaned when it forms. Controlling moisture is one way. 

So, get to know your dew point. Keep your operating temperature at least  20 degC higher than the dew point temp to avoid build up.