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TimePosted 07/10/2009 02:37:15
vuha says

operate rawmill without the hot gas generator?

Hi everyone!

Anyone can tell me how to operate the rawmill without the hot gas generator. Our plan have a rawmill without hot gas generator. The heat sourse is from the kiln, but at initial we just use the heat when heat the kiln. So the heat sourse from heating the kiln is enough for operate the rawmill? and if increase the heat sourse from increasing the fuel firing in Calciner is affect to refractory of the suspension preheater?

Thank you very much.


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TimePosted 07/10/2009 07:15:46
imran786 says

Re: operate rawmill without the hot gas generator?

Dear Mr. Vuha,

It has been observed that normally hot gas generator is used for initial start up of the new kiln when raw mill must be started before the kiln. In such cases, precalciner can be used as hot gas generator even before the kiln light up without any problem. But please remember that this arrangement is only for those plants who intend to maintain at least 50% stock of raw meal in silo during operation. If raw meal silo level is often taken to below 50% level at the time of kiln shut down and raw mill capacity just meets the required kiln feed rate then it is better to have a hot gas generator to ensure regular supply of raw meal at start up of kiln.

Best regards,

S.M. Imran