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TimePosted 23/10/2009 19:36:37
ILA says

Grate cooler bed

Dear Sirs I faced real problem and tha is lower kiln output due to unstable bed on the first part of grate cooler , alternathely high bed level , low no. of strock per 1 min. to hydraulic pistons drives lower rpm and colapsed of the bed and too much fresh air to firing zone and upset kiln opreations , Could any one help .


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TimePosted 24/10/2009 10:32:43
vinayak says

Re: Grate cooler bed

Try to run the cooler in auto loop control between first chamber or second chamber undergrate pressure and first grate speed. Second grate can be operated with a ratio loop of 1:1.1 with the first grate speed.

To have better loop control during abnormal condition, give a upper and lower limtis for the speed  during the auto loop control ( for ex upper limit -15 SPM and lower limit 8 SPM in auto control)

As a rule of thumb, the bed heigh will around 800mm if the UG pressure maintained at 80 mbAR