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Heat balance excel sheet - detailed calculations

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here is my contribution to cement engineers community.An excel sheet (MS excel 2003) that can does heat balance for pyro section of cement industry.This sheet is absolutely leagl as it's my personal work. It's not a copyright property of any organization hence could be shared freely.( you need not pay a single penny)

This copy is  just a draft copy based on suggestions i'll improve and upload it again (it has been thoroughly checked)


This excel sheet calculates heat Balance of pyroprocessing

For time being this calculation are done for (MKS System only).
It is assumed that you supply very precise data based on which accuracy of entire heat balance calculations lies. 
Calculation procedure:      
1) Enter the required data on input page just replace the existing values
2) Go to detailed calculation sheet there you get explanation of entire calculations
3) Heat balance report can be printed on Output page


you can download this excel sheet here:

For comments/quires/suggestions contact me


Er.Raza Hussaini

Asst.Manager,(Chemical engg)


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TimePosted 26/10/2009 21:04:12
Nael says

Re: Heat balance excel sheet - detailed calculations

Dear Er.Raza Hussaini;

Thank you veryyy much for this great work ... since long time i am trying to find such type of calculation but i couldn't.  Thank you again and again

Best Regard

Eng. Nael


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TimePosted 28/10/2009 15:05:59
Saprina says

Re: Heat balance excel sheet - detailed calculations

Thanks alot mr Hussaini



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Re: Heat balance excel sheet - detailed calculations

thank you very much Mr Razza