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TimePosted 11/11/2009 03:11:42
xxxx says

Preclaciner loading

Like Kiln is there any formula or index to calculate the loading of precalciner like thermal or volumeteric loading or heat rate etc.

If so what is the designed & operating value for the same.

please do reply




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Michael Clark
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TimePosted 11/11/2009 13:07:13

Re: Preclaciner loading

Most often you see a residence time talked about for a precalciner rather than a volumetric loading. Of course volumetric loading must be considered in the design os the precalciner as, dependent on the layout, the material must be lifted through the calciner. That is why you will aften see a restriction or gas accelerator in the bottom of the calciner.
Thermal loading is not normally an issue because the calcination of the CaCO3 taking place in the precalciner is highly endothermic so the thermal energy is all absorbed, the temperature remains constant and the refractory lining is not threatened in that way.