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TimePosted 09/12/2009 09:52:22
xxxx says

use of sodium sulphate in cement production

can we use Sodium Sulphate in PPC / OPC production?

What are the advantages & disadvantages for the same?

Does it's impact on clinker having Petcoke fuel & without petcoke fuel is diffrent?

Waht is the maximum & minimum % of sodium sulpahet is allowed by BIS & why?



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Michael Clark
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TimePosted 10/12/2009 08:46:35

Re: use of sodium sulphate in cement production

Sodium sulphate can be added in PPC cement production. The aim would be to increase the early hydraulic reactivity of the cement. In PPC cement that would act as a form of alkali activation of the pozzolanic reaction of the fly ash.

The only reason to add sodium sulphate is if the clinker is low in alkali sulphates. With petcoke firing I would expect clinker sulphate to be high and therefore addition of sodium sulphate to be unnecessary.

The sulphate content of cement is limited by international standards. The alkali content is limited if the aggregates to be used in concrete production contain reactive silicates. These will determine the limits of any sodium sulphate addition.


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TimePosted 21/10/2016 13:00:02
Ramki says

re Re: use of sodium sulphate in cement production

are  there  any  commercially   known  brands  that  use  sodium  sulfate  in  their  cement  production