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TimePosted 21/12/2009 09:24:14
BLM says

Un even load on cement mill twin drive

Dear Experts,

We have two identical cement mills (Ball Mills) of 140 tph capacity with twin drives (each drive 2500 KWh). The motor drawing power is as follows.

                                   Pressing side drive load                           Lifting side drive load

Cement mill-1                     2178 KWh                                            1645 KWh

Cement mill-2                     1818 KWh                                            2120 KWh

1) What is the reason for difference in load of pressing side and lifting side motors in the same mill?

2) Why pressing side motor is drawing higher power in cement mill-, where as in cement mill-2 pressing side load is less? 

For your valuable suggestion please.


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TimePosted 22/12/2009 11:18:50
Vikpro says

Re: Un even load on cement mill twin drive

Dear BLM,

Reason of high load on one side, as fresh clinker with moisture climb more with liner causes more load to other side comparing to hot high blain cement at discharge side.

( semi fluid type movement )



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TimePosted 29/12/2009 02:14:52
gks says

Re: Un even load on cement mill twin drive

 Dear BLM,

        1.Due to reaction of force is oppisite to direction  of rotation of mill in pressing side and lifting sise  reaction force is same direction . therefore same  kw  motor drawn different load.

        2. Due to different length of chamber in both mill

(may  charge  required different)  causing  different kw in both mill.