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TimePosted 12/01/2010 09:00:19
Kumar says

Emissivity Setting

 Hello Friends,

                        Can someone guide that,what should be the emissivity setting values for a handheld radiation pyrometer for measuring:-

            1) Kiln Shell temperature.

            2) Fan or motor bearing temperature in a cement plant.




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TimePosted 12/01/2010 20:47:49
Nael says

Re: Emissivity Setting


The emmisivity value changes from surface to other according to surface type (metal, brick, glass, and etc.), Polished or rough or oxidized surface, and surface colour.

emmisivity setting value for kiln shell adjust according to kiln shell type (not bricks type). We are adjusting the emmisivity for our 5 kilns to 0.96 .

  In google search there are alot of articles and tables about surface emmisivity which will help you to measure  bearing and fan temp