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TimePosted 12/01/2010 17:26:06
Tanbaig says

Cranking sound from kiln

Dear All

After along time I comeback to the forum, our plant is a KHD plant 4200tpd 6 stagee preheater with pyroclone and TAD firing it was commissioned in 2008 the problem is that there is a cranking sound coming out from 35 metre and as per last inspection the brick lining hight is not less than 120 mm and the temperature in that area some time rises upto 380 to 400 degree c. Can anybody analyze this problem.


Tanveer Baig 


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TimePosted 18/01/2010 06:11:02
gks says

Re: Cranking sound from kiln

 Cranking sound from kiln   caused due to liquid phase change taking place in this area.

 or frequent  coating  spalling in this area.

 if send your k.f  raw mix comp., type  fuel used in kiln firing and thermo profile of kiln shell temp. gks


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TimePosted 18/01/2010 07:08:55
Vikpro says

Re: Cranking sound from kiln

Dear Tanveer,

The creaking sound is due to thermal expansion of refractories & shell, as you stated in mail your last brick thickness was 120mm  only and temp is 400 degree now (vary near to red spot). Be careful, any time you may face full ring red spot.