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TimePosted 13/01/2010 16:19:03
ILA says

Fine clinker

Dear All

Kindly , Can any one advise me how the way to grind very fine clinker in closed circuit rotary ball mill with sepol separator , i guess i tried my best but always i faced Blaine trouble .

Thank you very much



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TimePosted 22/01/2010 10:16:53
Nael says

Re: Fine clinker

Hey ILA;

From where do you get fine clinker? Do you have fine clinker stock!!! or the burning process is not stable so you have fine products !!! 

Anyway, if you mean by "Blaine trouble" low Blaine, you can solve this problem by

1 - Increasing the quantity of small griding media (25 & 30 mm) in the second compartment (if your mill is 2 compartment mill).


2- Increasing the length of second compartment but it may reduce the mill capacity.



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TimePosted 10/02/2010 07:17:42
maddy says

Re: Fine clinker

Dear ILA,

 I feel from your question that Blaine is problem, to counter this we can do the following tests.


1) Take the chamber analaysis of the mill and with this we can see  how our chambers are grinding and by the analysis we can change the grinding media if required.

2) As per FLS standards at partition of the Ist compartment there should be max 0.5% on +2mm sieve.

3) We can also to the Tromp Curve analysis to find out the efficency of separator.

Best Regards,



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TimePosted 10/02/2010 16:18:39
gks says

Re: Fine clinker

Dear ILA,

      1.     if your mill is running on high sepol return -  sepol fan flow increase with high dy.separator speed to get blaine.


,2. first chamer  is not working for grinding of fine material. better to reduce size of g.m. in first chamer & close your scoop in diaph.

3. pl. send your cliker cumulative size analysis , clinker  phase analysis  and mill size with type pre grinder .

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