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TimePosted 26/01/2010 01:35:16
hongminh says


Dear Experts,

What is the principle to compensate for ware ( or collapsed) of coating ( indicating of kiln shell temperature increasing).

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,



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Michael Clark
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TimePosted 27/01/2010 09:15:37

Re: coating

Periodic collapse of coating is a normal occurence, as is wear of the refractory lining and the eventual need to replace that lining. The frequency of such events is minimised by stable kiln feed chemistry and kiln operation.


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TimePosted 10/02/2010 07:22:51
maddy says

Re: coating

Dear Hongminh,


The best thing to see that kiln has stable coating is we should have stable and optimised kiln feed quality, best optimised operation, and the flame shape.  The flame if it is not good will wash away total coatig and take away the total refractory. So, the flame shape is much importat.  One should see refractory thickness in shutdown and keep the track.


Best Regards,