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TimePosted 02/02/2010 16:26:13
Kumar says

Process measuring points location in cycone exit duct

Dear Friends,

                     Can someone guide about the requied location of the temp and draft sensors in the cyclon exit duct( riser duct), it will be below the feed entry point in the duct,but should it be under the feed chute or opposite  face to it?




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TimePosted 10/02/2010 15:37:59
gks says

Re: Process measuring points location in cycone exit duct

 Dear  dogra,

       1.  hello, i want to say that if you want measure temp of lifting side of material in riser duct than you  can take any suitable  point side in cyclone riser duct.but normally at the bottom side of feed enter and just above roof of cyclone in riser duct

       2.  but after calcination should  in same face( bottom) in feed pipe to get actual temp. of material.