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TimePosted 10/02/2010 19:47:34
M.Azhar says

Normal coating area in kiln

Hello every body  


what is normal coating section length in kiln and what should be the optimum thickness of coating in burning zone 


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TimePosted 19/02/2010 15:32:02
gks says

Re: Normal coating area in kiln

hello mr M. azhar,

  normally coating in side the kiln 5.0* ( effective  dia of kiln) +2.5m max.

 coating thickness in burning zone optimum is 0.4* brick thickness.



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TimePosted 19/02/2010 16:21:16

Re: Normal coating area in kiln

Dear GKS

 Thx for your appreciated comment but could you please mention what is your reference for your coating thickness calculation .