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TimePosted 18/02/2010 05:48:25
Tanbaig says

Rotate kiln without auxilliary

Dear All


We are facing a big break down due to the failure of kiln main drive gear box due to the failure pinion shaft brgs of main gear box now my question is

Can we rotate the kiln without auxilliary drive by the means of sling wire with loader or somewhat else, is any body has such experience?


Tanveer Baig


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vini kumar
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TimePosted 18/02/2010 09:45:27

Re: Rotate kiln without auxilliary

Dear Baig,

ya it is possible with sling with the help of loader.



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TimePosted 18/02/2010 15:58:43
Mr.SHAH says

Re: Rotate kiln without auxilliary

Hello Tanbaig

yes it is possible but its is little bit difficult ..........

 for this purpose, anchor (IE) for the sling or rope should be welded on right position.

 By this way,  kiln would be rotate about 10 to 15 degree

but you can try may be you will see good result

by the way can you  write me the  cause of gearbox failure in detail 



Best of Luck  


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TimePosted 20/02/2010 14:40:20
Kumar says

Re: Rotate kiln without auxilliary

Yes, it is possible,but instead of loader usr winch machine with brakes