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TimePosted 18/03/2010 14:37:22
faslan says

Water injection to the top cyclone

Hi everyone,

In our plant the top cyclone temperature is around 375 C. The dust recurculating is around 13% of the feed. Because of the build-up in the fun we are facing with unplanned shutdown every week. I thought if we decrease the temperature somehow, we can decrease the build-up and also lower the dust recurculating rate. According to literature there is such a process applied. I couldn't find any feedback about the process.

Anybody using or know this system pls reply me..

Yours Sincerly




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TimePosted 18/03/2010 16:01:42

Re: Water injection to the top cyclone

Dear Firat,

 The subject of ID fan build-ups was already debated in this forum

You will find quite a comprehensive thread here: http://www.cemnet.com/cs/forums/thread/2056.aspx

Spraying in downcomer is relatively easy. Many spraying companies (Lechler, Spraying systems,...) can provide such a system. Beware that, as the density of the gas will change, the working point of your ID fan will also be changed and some checks are in order to verify that your ID fan can cope with the new conditions.

Best regards,

O. Van Cantfort



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TimePosted 18/03/2010 16:40:24
faslan says

Re: Water injection to the top cyclone

Thank you,

I will take my question to there.

Our aim for injection of the water to the top cyclone is for reducing the dust load of the ID fan. You know the movement of the particles from the cyclone to dip tube is like a invisibe hole and particle makes a hellical way.We will try to stop the particles going upward and falling them down. How is the idea?:) While doing this we can reduce the temperature as well.

I am gonna think about and work on your warnings:)

Best Regards,


F. Aslan


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TimePosted 17/04/2010 07:20:25
Engr.Amin says

Re: Water injection to the top cyclone

Dear Fashan,

                    Why you need water injection system at preheater exit, you just need to improve the preheater health and process control. Try to reduce the preheater exit temperature with better operation of kiln.