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TimePosted 23/03/2010 22:10:19

oil well cement testing instruments

Dear Experts

my plant plan to start producing oil well cement 


I know that oil well cement need additional special tests 


1- I would like to know what are the exactly required tests for this type of cement ( physical tests  , chemical tests and  Mechanical tests  )


2- what are the equipment needed for these special  types of tests for oil well cement 


Best regards 


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TimePosted 24/03/2010 08:23:45
imran786 says

Re: oil well cement testing instruments

Dear Electron1539,

Oilwell cement is required to meet the API Specifications 10-A which requires following tests;

Chemical analysis to determine:

MgO, SO3, Loss On Ignition, Insoluble Residue, Total alkalies as Na2O, C3S and C3A

Physical Tests:

Mix Water as % mass fraction of cement

Fineness either by Turbidimeter or Air Permeability

Free Fluid Content

Compressive strength at specified temperatures and pressures


Pressure Temperature Thickening Time Test

Equipment required:

Electronic balance

Apparatus to determine fineness (Blaine or Turbidimeter)


Water bath

Water bath with agitator

Compressive strength testing machine with accessories

Atmospheric consistometer

Pressurized consistometer

Constant speed mixer

Best regards,

S.M. Imran


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TimePosted 24/03/2010 21:03:43

Re: oil well cement testing instruments

Thanks so much for your help and consideration