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TimePosted 21/04/2010 00:20:44
Mr.SHAH says

brown core in clinker

Dear All 


I want to avoid brown core in the clinker ...............




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Bhaskar Agate
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TimePosted 24/04/2010 18:52:43

Re: brown core in clinker

Microscopy tool may be used to understand the the characteristics of brown clinker and accordingly Raw meal and fuel physical characreristics together with the operational and process parameters needs to be optimsed.Let us attempt this.....


Bhaskar Agate


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TimePosted 21/05/2010 14:03:51
Engr.Amin says

Re: brown core in clinker

Dear Mr. Shah,

                      I will suggest to take control of oxygen level at the backend of kiln. The control of fuel is the remidy of 75 % problems in kiln.



Ted Krapkat
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TimePosted 26/05/2010 05:22:50

Re: brown core in clinker

Mr Shah,

In addition to ensuring that there is sufficient oxygen to prevent reducing conditions in the burning zone, you should also not over-burn your clinker. Even with enough oxygen, very high burning zone temperatures can cause brown cores in clinker nodules due to high temperature reduction of Fe+3 to Fe+2.

 Best regards,