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TimePosted 07/05/2010 12:14:49
vincent75 says

Blended cement

Dear All

 This is my first time writting in this forum. I would like to know if anybody has any experience in their plants related with blended cements. We are researching to mix cement I 52,5 (clinker+gypsum) milled in a ball mill, and then milling the additions apart from cement, mixing additions, to produce the final product.

 Does anybody have any experience treating with this sort of process? On the other hand, please could someone tell me any web or book to find  some information about this topic?

Thank you very much 

Best regards from Spain



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Bhaskar Agate
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TimePosted 09/05/2010 21:54:43

Re: Blended cement

Dear Sir,

The querry that you have put is not very clear.Which is the additional material that you desire to mix and in what proportion? what will be your milling,blending system and control strategy for blended cement quality? Have you established Lab.scale trials before going for Plant scale operation? It appears that you want to mix OPC with another material to produce blended cement.


Bhaskar Agate


Michael Clark
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TimePosted 10/05/2010 08:22:00

Re: Blended cement

This approach to producing blended cements is well known. A very well known example would be the L'Amali factory of Loma Negra in Argentina who use exactly this methodology.