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TimePosted 07/05/2010 19:06:34
gks says

Effect in Preheater exit temp.

Dear expert,

    Plz tell me what will effect on preheater exit  temp. when  my calciner coal % ash increase one %. in 100% pet coke firing and% 50%pet coke+50% important coal.

 Keep same clinker production . 

  What is dust load factor in ILC and SLC. in preheater.

 With regards




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TimePosted 11/06/2010 12:19:00

Re: Effect in Preheater exit temp.

I Wish there could have eixsts such a relation !!  We should be greatful to Y.ueda and others of Onada Cements (Now TAIHEIYO Cement) who have extensivley studied the combustion behaviour of coal in RSP Swirl calciner and published a series of Articles in ZKG and elsewhere. one such study was " The Effect of Coal Calorofic Value on Cement Quality" Published in ZKG 4/1983 PP 77 - 83

Following is the excerpt of out comings of the study

Ash %       Top Cyclone Gas Temp

18.9                  334

32.8                  338

38.1                  342

44.0                  348

 From above result it is clear that for every 1% change in coal Ash the Cyclone 1 gas temperature is changed by 1.8 oC

However a word of caution is to be inserted here.

1) The aim of the study was not to See the effect of Ash on C1 Gas temperature

2) This study pertains to NSP (M-RSP)

3) Done for Specific Rawmix................ and so on

For details refer to above quoted article,to fully understand the behavior of the pyro system it is recommended that a systematic detailed study be taken for your kiln, considering all efecting paramters like Ash % VM% Fineness, Fixed carbon % , LSF etc..,Nevertheless increasing Ash content will increase PH exit gas temperature due to increased combustion gases...

 Hope this meets your requirement






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TimePosted 11/06/2010 14:52:10

Re: Effect in Preheater exit temp.

I concur with the last statement of Mr. Hussaini comment. This is not the ash content that has relevant effect on the preheater exit temperature, it is the amount of combustion gases relative to the lower heat value of the coal. In order to calculate this, you should have a complete elemental analysis (CHONS analysis) of your coal + a measure of the lower heat value.

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TimePosted 18/06/2010 08:27:45

Re: Effect in Preheater exit temp.

 Hello gks "WE" shall be greatful to you if can share the results of "effect on preheater exit  temp. when  my calciner coal % ash increase one %. in 100% pet coke firing and% 50%pet coke+50% important coal" in your plant ex Kiln log sheets, coal mill log sheets or fuel analysis etc.,

As this would help cement fraternity


Raza hussaini