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TimePosted 15/06/2010 03:37:56

Re: Mass Balance


This is exactly what I meant. As it is generally the combined stream of return dust and fresh meal that is generally fed to the kiln, the reading you get on your kiln feed weightfeeder will be higher than what the Peray equation gives.

Sorry, I may have misinterpreted your original comments, Ovancantfort. I think we are both in agreement about the Peray equations, but were coming at the issue from two different angles.

My point was that the Peray equations cannot and should not be used at all unless you consider the kiln/preheater system with its inherent dust cycles as a "black box" and apply them only to fresh raw meal. In that scenario the Peray equations would only be helpful in estimating the quantity of fresh raw materials required to produce 1kg of clinker (less coal ash), which could be useful in estimating the raw material reserves required to produce a certain amount of clinker etc.

With respect to the 'metered kiln feed to clinker ratio', I think it is pretty much common practice that this factor is determined emiprically by each plant.







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