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TimePosted 19/06/2010 13:30:18
Abuthalib says

Null point

How the null point changed with respect to Cooler fan flow/PH fan flow/vent fan flow? (Either towards kiln or cooler end)


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TimePosted 20/06/2010 17:29:20
gks says

Re: Null point


 Null point in kiln hood  and cooler not changed when ph flow,cooler fan flow and vent fan flow constant.

 Null point shift if any one can changed. if ph flow increased and both keep  constant than null point shift toward kiln side.

 null point may be shiftted if cooler last fans flow changed and keeping same ph and cd fan flow toward to cooler discharged.

 But any condition if we control constant hood draft in kiln hood than null point never shift.

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