Dr. Zoey
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TimePosted 03/08/2010 04:16:48
Dr. Zoey says

Kiln shell cooling

Kiln shell cooling is used to promote a thicker more stable coating in the burning zone.

Though we have some installed, I have seen very little guidelines in the selection of an appropriate shell cooling system. I am currently using axial van fans.

Also, there is some discussion with respect to which side of the kiln to place the shell cooling fans. I have shell cooling fans directed to the side of the kiln charge, however one consultant is telling me that there are better benefits by putting the shell cooing fan on the other side.


What is the industry standard?


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Michael Clark
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TimePosted 05/08/2010 11:28:38

Re: Kiln shell cooling

High velocity forced-air shell cooling as part of a properly designed system, has a vital shell protection and shell life preservation function. This is not only in the burning zone, but can be even more important for the transition zone areas where coating may be either non-existent or transient. Kiln shell cooling systems vary greatly in design and effectiveness but nozzle arrays in close proximity to the shell, able to scalp off the envelope of warmed air that forms over any heated tube, give the most effective cooling. This is best achieved on the downward side of the kiln rotation as the shell turns into the forced air from the fans, i.e. on the opposite side to the charge.


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TimePosted 20/08/2010 16:06:44
M.Azhar says

Re: Kiln shell cooling

Hello Michael 


I want to know,  it is necessary that the outlet duct (size) dia of the kiln shell cooling fan should be inlet(size) dia for sufficient air flow.